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You will never be able to find your true love if you do things inductively. It is impossible to observe and put meaning to everything that a woman does. Let us use Karl Popper’s theory of falsification. Scientific truth begins with an assumption about reality. Start with a hypothesis and then subject yourself to the most difficult tests. But why should you try to rationalize when surely you can just go with the really fun part of things? Sex is the core foundation of your diverseness to pursue someone, so be the devil that you can actually choose to be. Come to witness the videos of Devils Films to know the way of a true womanizer.

The deductive approach is simple. You imagine things. You imagine a life with her. Then, you will test your theory about love and life by asking her a simple question. Now, if she says no, then your theory is falsified. For the devil, what that means is quite obvious. You need a new hypothesis and you got the wrong woman in your experiment. But the devil will also tell you why the hell should you linger on someone who will only waste your time for courtship when you can have someone who can simply just fuck because that’s the whole point of it anyway.

This is what really makes the videos of this site interesting. They make things much simpler for everyone. The guys in the vids are also quite instructional, so I would not really be surprised if you would one day suddenly become a Casanova and a womanizer and get to fuck one girl a night, a different one every time!

The Devil’s Films is purely concentrated on exclusive content and they really know how to set themselves apart from the crowd. The site database currently has over 600 videos and they are prearranged with photo galleries so you can easily look into the fullness of the details. These videos would go for as long as 50 minutes each and they will serve as your guide on how to really woo women for your sexual desires. You cannot really download these videos, but their streaming quality and the epicness of every story line will really keep you abreast.

If you’re thinking about downloading the videos, you actually can actually trust that they will let you because it’s all part of the package after all. Subscribe to Devils Film and learn the true ways of the devil so you can finally fuck a woman.